10th World Congress on Myofascial Pain 

Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome

October 4-8, 2017 Bangalore, India

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Welcome to the Myopain 2017

This keenly awaited world congress, being held after a gap of 4 years, will provide the latest research and knowledge on Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and other Soft Tissue Pain Syndromes. 


Highlights of MYOPAIN 2017:

5 Pre-conference Workshops
8 Keynote lectures
15 Lectures
30 Symposia or refresher course
5 Post-conference Workshops
15 Parallel Paid workshop
Free papers and posters presentation
Trade exhibition

Lectures & workshops By:

Jacob N Ablin, Israel                          Beatrix Baumgartner, Austria                       Isabelle Bertrand, France

Mary Biancalana, USA                          Jan Chambers, USA                                  Christian Courraud, France

Jan Dommerholt, USA                  Cyril Dupuis, France                                   James Earls, UK

James Fricton, USA                          Thomas Graven-Nielsen, Denmark               Rae Marie Gleason, USA

Robert D. Gerwin, USA                  Thimappa Hegde, India                               Ginevra Liptan, USA                          

Wael Mahmoud, Australia                     Andrea Pasini, Italy                                  Andrzej Pilat, Spain

Peter Schwind, Germany                  Robert W Stanborough, USA                       Carla Stecco, Italy  

Shirley Telles, India                             Kobi Weiss, Israel                                       Ginevra Liptan, USA

Wael Mahmoud, Australia                    Robert W Stanborough, USA                        Jan Pattyn, Belgium

Areerat Suputtitada, Thailand               Pradit Prateepvanich, Thailand                and many more